On My Way To The MASTERS

So, I’ve been working my way through level I of the Master Hand Knitter series offered by The Knitting Guild Association.  It’s safe to say I was a solid knitter, but by no means an expert, when I started level I.  That said, I have learned more in the last few months about knitting than I ever thought I would and I am seriously looking forward to learning even MORE as I continue to work my way through this level and the two to follow.

IMG_0805 (1)

I sent off my binder of work at the beginning of January and received it back from the Master Hand Knitter committee this past weekend.  The response to my work is nothing short of incredible for its attention to detail, and the awesome amount of information it contains.   I did quite a few things well – and I certainly left much room for improvement in many other areas.  Currently I’m working to correct the things that need correcting, and will soon send back my revised work.

You know – the last page of the response, which was about a dozen typewritten (single spaced) pages – said that the reviewer hoped I would take the response in the spirit in which it was intended – as guidance rather than as criticism.  Absolutely!  I couldn’t be more grateful to be learning from knitters who are among the best in the nation.

Knit on…!