PLEASE VOTE! My artwork is a finalist for a GRAND MURAL in my city of Charlotte!

Wow!  I found out yesterday that my artwork is one of three finalist pieces in the running to become our Chamber of Commerce’s new GRAND MURAL!  Here is the artwork:


CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME, Ladianne Henderson:

So, this artwork is about how alive my city feels to me.  I love where I live – and I love the people, culture, and businesses in my city.  I love the music!  I love the artwork – and I love the theatre.  We have an incredible array of artists in this city, and an incredible sports scene as well!  This city also has an incredible green canopy of trees, remarkable parks, and wonderful greenways.  We have wonderful old neighborhoods with lovely bungalows as well as incredible modern architecture.  We have great things for families and singles alike, and we are a place of diversity with a rich texture of cultures and people that come together to do all sorts of amazing things.

Ok – I’m gushing about Charlotte, NC, USA, but it really is a beautiful place and I am grateful to live here.  THAT is what I want my artwork to show…!


“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

FullSizeRenderThis color study I did of a dying flower arrangement a week after I gave it to my partner came of the arrangements position in our dining room, catching evening light as it too was dying.  The whole scene took me to Dylan Thomas’s poem:

All That Lies Beneath

When we tore down our old barn a couple of years ago, in preparation for the new building we’ve yet to erect, we found an incomplete skeleton – perhaps of a rat?  I was fascinated – I had always assumed there were a million black snakes living beneath the building as we have had no shortage of those around the knoll on which we live.  But – no snakes.  Just this skull and couple of bones.  I took photos of it, and loved the way the textures of the dirt and leaves and detritus fell into a swirl – lifting and falling in a dance of stillness that isn’t ever really still.

When my new support samples came from, I had to try them.  So, since I have been really looking forward to working through this skull and bones image, I decided to pull from the set of samples that came.  I used the #15 Belgian linen, double primed, museum quality panel for this.  I truly wasn’t sure how the tooth of the linen would work – and whether or not I would like it.  But…I love it.

So, in oil, in double primed Belgian linen panel, here is “Skull and Bones From Beneath The Barn” 6″ x 8″.