The Sweater Diary

About three weeks ago I started working on the Aidez sweater by Berroco Design.  It is a really wonderful pattern – both in results and in the ease of knitting something that is really incredible to see and touch.  I ended up using’s Bare Cadena Natural – because I had a bunch on hand already.  So glad I did – the yarn is just as yummy as the knitting pattern!

I started off working on the back panel.  When I finished it, I couldn’t wait to pin it up just for a quick look.


I worked the arms next – and apparently made some Facebook friends nervous when I posted a picture of a sleeve on just one of my legs.  I got a couple of notes asking how I’d broken my leg.  Ahhh – the joys of attempting-to-see-without-glasses after the age of 40 – or 45.  All of that said, here’s a snapshot of the sleeves on BOTH of my legs.  Several people mentioned they would make great leg warmers.  Hang on, let me cut my sweatshirt off and make it hang off of my right shoulder…


So, I then did the left panel – for which the pattern was written.  I felt more confident starting there as the right panel is simply a reverse of the left.  I figured I wanted to get to know the left one before the whole reversal thing.

I finished the right panel this morning.  But I was dying to get a feel for the look of the finished product…so I pinned up the back and the left panel.  Makes me think this would make a really amazing sweater vest.IMG_1900.jpgIMG_1901 (1).jpg

Now, I wait…IMG_1903.jpg

This whole sweater knitting process reminds me that knitting has so much to teach knitters about themselves – and about life in general.  Wading through the minutiae of patterns, making things understandable, tracking progress, undoing mistakes – and redoing the work that needs to be redone, all while maintaining the sort of composure that allows one to get through a knitting project with a bunch of pieces – kind of sounds like my life.  The only thing that remains for this project is for me to put all of the pieces together in a way that’s presentable and polished.

That’s one philosophical sweater…!



“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

FullSizeRenderThis color study I did of a dying flower arrangement a week after I gave it to my partner came of the arrangements position in our dining room, catching evening light as it too was dying.  The whole scene took me to Dylan Thomas’s poem: