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Dragons and The Study Of Light and Dark


I was trying to figure out what my next exercise would be, and in doing so came across a fairy tale by Andrew Long, a Scottish writer.  His tale, The Flower Queen’s Daughter, caught my attention for the idea that the queen’s daughter was being guarded by a dragon.  I thought it would be interesting to work through light and shadow using this image.  So…


I used the dragon as a place to play with blue-tinged shadows.  I found the result on the head to be particularly fun.  I used a good bit (or…well…a TON…) of blooming in the watercolor work on this piece.  Check out the bottom of the dragon:



I am enjoying doing these most recent works I’ve posted with watercolor pencil and pen/ink.  I just love the unruly nature of the watercolor.  And with this work, the subtlety of the light/shadow on the dragon.