“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

FullSizeRenderThis color study I did of a dying flower arrangement a week after I gave it to my partner came of the arrangements position in our dining room, catching evening light as it too was dying.  The whole scene took me to Dylan Thomas’s poem:  http://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/do-not-go-gentle-good-night


The Studies: Winter at Williams River House

In 2012, when I went with my partner to the Williams River House inn in Chester, Vermont to get married, it was scorchingly hot.  Unusually, horribly, uncomfortably hot.  The heat laid on top of Vermont like an oppressive blanket.  Nobody was happy about the heat, and nobody was used to it.

North Carolina offers an abundance of marvelous, beautiful features, including beautiful summers that occasionally offer the most humid, sauna-like conditions one can imagine.  Apparently we had taken that to Vermont with us.

Recently, the owner of Williams River House, Mark Martins, posted a photo of a view from their back porch – the same porch on which I got married – in winter.  I was fascinated by the photo for its palette, and for its view of a place I adore in a season I’ve not had the pleasure of enjoying there.

I asked for Mark’s permission to paint the photo and permission was graciously granted.  This painting is the result of his photo and that interaction.  It is oil on canvas sheet, roughly 8.5″ x 11″.  What a joy to paint this since we don’t often get winters like this in North Carolina – not even on the little knoll where I live, tucked up on a hill that feels like countryside but is, in fact, hidden in an outer fold of the city.

IMG_0405 Williams River House in Winter