I love knitting. I mean – it is an amazing thing, an incredibly creative, mathematical, colorful, tactile experience for sure. However, I’ve learned I love business, or entrepreneurship to be exact, just as much – for many of the same reasons. Both are problem solving adventures with amazing (and sometimes wicked) little surprises that seem to sneak up on you when you least expect them. Both result in something you can show you friends (or you mom, depending on the kind of knitting/business you’ve done – and depending on your mom…).

So, about a year and a few months ago I decided I wanted to open a yarn shop. My incredible partner didn’t bat an eye. She just said – Ok, I’m in! Truth be told, she is NOT a knitter – but she has a huge amount of small business building and ownership experience, and that makes her an awesome teammate.

We’re not the first to do this yarn shop thing – of course. We’re certainly also not the last who will embark on this adventure. But, for us it is a BIG DEAL. It is the sort of big deal that wakes us up at night, has had us laughing, me occasionally crying, and both of us excited to see what happens every single day since the inception of this idea – and our shop isn’t even open yet.

Of course when the yarn reps come calling with their gigantic suitcases of fiber in a mind blowing array of colors, textures, and weights, I enjoy it. My non-knitting partner does too. After all, what’s not to love about yarn? But the yarn is just part of this whopper of a constantly shifting puzzle.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join us on this journey as we build our company – http://www.CheersToEwe.com. I’ll be documenting the journey, writing about things occasionally, and sharing what this crazy ride brings in the way of adventure, challenges, and joy.


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