What I Am is What I Am…

Back in college – yes, this will TOTALLY date me – I listened to Edie Brickell (and the New Bohemians).  I seriously wondered if dogs could smile.  And I wasn’t aware of too many things, although like any college freshman, I am sure I thought I was aware of EVrything.

I recently dove full bore into my knitting, having made my way there after more than a decade of work as a visual artist.  It’s not that I’ve abandoned my art – it’s just that I was ready to claw my way through new challenges.

Today, I found my artwork hollering to me from across the creek of life while I was trying to pick colors for an argyle sock project for the Master Hand Knitter program.  I ended up selecting one of my paintings – here it is unencumbered by little jpegs of balls of yarn:


The painting is oil on panel, and it depicts a schoolhouse in Montana that one of my family members actually matriculated from.  I decided to match the colors of the painting as best I could with Cascade’s Heritage sock yarn from JimmyBeans.com.  Here’s what I came up with:

The top image shows the sock yarns I have selected – and the bottom image shows the black and white version of the picture and the yarns.  This lets me look at the range of values I have picked, to make sure the socks don’t appear ‘flat’ from having too many colors in the same value area on the scale.  I picked six colors because I am not sure which of the browns I’ll go with just yet.

At any rate, the art (and knitting) adventure continues…  Guess once you’re an artist you remain one for life.



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