Hellraiser – If Pinhead Knitted

I’ll first admit I’ve never seen the movie Hellraiser.  It’s probably a good thing too…  I mean, seriously, his face – all those pins.  I just don’t know about that.  But, when I recently blocked the last watch I had to reknit for Level I of the Master Hand Knitter program (experience…?) offered by The Knitting Guild Association, I immediately thought of Pinhead.  Funny how a character from a movie I’ve never seen can invade my skullmeat in totally unexpected ways…

Here’s the photo that made me wonder:  If Pinhead were a knitter, what sorts of things would he knit?


In an effort to move past the nightmare inducing blocking work, I started on another project.  I’m working through the Aidez sweater pattern offered for free by Berroco.  The sweater calls for some really yummy looking Berroco yarn, but I happened to have a few spongy, lofty center pull balls of KnitPicks.com’s Cadena in Natural.  I opted to go with what I had on hand (and order some more yarn of the same type in order to be able to work the whole pattern – after all, Pinhead probably wouldn’t be caught (half-)dead in a muscle shirt/sweater sort of getup, would he…?).

Here’s progress photo of my work on this project:


The long and short of it is that it’s pretty funny to observe your mind’s wanderings when you’re working with fiber.  Oh, and after writing this, I looked up some information on the Pinhead character’s profile and evolution.  Just in case you’re interested, here’s a page of fun info: http://www.clivebarker.info/pinevolution.html.

Ok – guess I’d better get back to knitting!  Stay calm, knit on, and keep one eye open…





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