Why MHK with the TKGA?

Ok – so, if you know what the abbreviations MHK and TKGA stand for without me telling you, you’re already in a particular group of people who are wildly focused on knitting.  I happen to be one of those people.

MHK stands for Master Hand Knitter.

TKGA is The Knitting Guild Association.

I am currently working through the Basics, Basics, Basics knitting course taught by Arenda Holladay, through the TKGA, and have ordered and downloaded the Master Hand Knitter Level I course.

Why, Ladianne – why would you take a course in craftsmanship and technique (and a second, far more rigorous certification course in same) when you’re an artist who paints landscapes?  It’s pretty simple, really – I’m an artist who explores theories of place and identity.  My family has been in the Southeast for generations, in Appalachia, and I come from a long line of needleworkers of various sorts.  Knitting, needlepointing, cross stitching, tatting, embroidery – it’s all in my blood.  Oh, and a bit of crochet too…  That said, I can’t really understand my identity and the nuances of place in the context of my life and my family without following the thread (or yarn…) that ties me to my family members and to this area.   I want to continue to dig into landscapes through painting, but I also want to have the level of skill necessary to execute my ideas through the languages of paint AND fiber.  So – I’m furthering my education.

There is something to be said, for sure, for the enhancement of one’s ability to render ideas creatively with absolute skill and craftsmanship.  So, that’s where I am!

It is going to be an adventure – one I’m ready for.  It’s also going to be a ton of challenging work – accompanied by a ton of great learning.

If you’re on Ravelry, hit me up here!

Whew – here we go!


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