So, admittedly, the “30 in 30” irritates me. I decided to ask why – and then answer through art. What is emerging is a very Gestalt-y sort of abstract exploration of both the exercise itself, and the possibilities inherent in the expression and understanding of numbers vis a vis counting. I think the production-y aspect of the exercise – if done as I believe it is intended – teases me into wanting to subvert it. Through all of this I’ve gone further into it by asking questions about qualia of numbers and forms. What is emerging is not an answer of any sort, but rather a series of open ended illustrations that feel to me like strange philosophical flashcards. I am beginning to wonder what people’s “number stories” are – what oneness might mean to them. Or five-ness? When my parents lived in Japan we learned about the number four as it pertains to Japanese culture – so, for me, there is a definitely fourness to certain things.

Here are five of the pieces. Maybe a few are missing. Maybe not. Depends on your view of things:


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