Skewing The Masters: A Peek Into Process

So, I am SUPER HAPPY to now be a member artist at Ciel Gallery, a fine art collective in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Immediately after being accepted as a member, I found myself in the throes of preparation for their May exhibit:  Skewing The Masters.  The exhibit challenges the artists to take masterpieces and turn them, twist them, and completely skew them.  For one of my pieces (I’m feeling ambitious this morning…we’ll see…hopefully I’ll get more than one done), I decided to use Paris and Helen of Troy, a piece by Salvador Dalí.  I have loved this piece for…well…not really forever.  Actually, my mom and dad have a copy of this work in their house – and I looked at it the whole time I was growing up – and didn’t think a thing about it.  Here’s an image of that piece:Ladianne_Dali

Recently, however, I really began studying the lines when I was at their house.  So, for this exhibit, that’s the piece I decided to start with.  I am an illustrator – so I opted to turn his drawing into an illustration, and then pushed it further by turning it into a coloring book page.  Then…I went further still and decided to sew the illustration using free motion embroidery on my sewing machine.

The process began with a sketch – my interpretation of the piece with kids as the characters.  Here is that sketch:IMG_6541

Next, I inked the lines of the sketch.  That piece of the process is here:


Next step was to turn that line drawing into an Adobe Shape vector image.  Then, from that I created this coloring page:

ParisandHelenOfTroySkew copy copy

Finally, I started sewing.  I outlined the image I’d transferred to the fabric, then I started coloring it in using various colored threads. IMG_6578IMG_6588

IMG_6593The final product is here:



Fun process!  And I feel the final image invites all sorts of conversations around all sorts of topics…  Pretty cool.


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