Postcard Adventures

I’ve been working my way through the process of coming up with a new postcard, and while that may seem a simple task – or perhaps even trivial – it’s anything but that for an illustrator.  Postcards, in an age in which most things are digital, immediate, and in most ways intangible, provide the folks to whom they are sent physical evidence of the creative process, and a reminder that some things – like our favorite picture books, ice cream cones, and kite strings – make a more lasting impression when they are actually held in the hands.

Here is the postcard I’ve come up with this time:

Postcard_ArmadilloFrog PostcardBack_ArmadilloFrog

I opted to go with the smaller 4″ x 6″ (ish) postcards rather than larger ones this time.  I also opted to include some of my sketch work on this one – I am a fan of sketched, unruly lines anyway.

A note about printers:  This time I have opted to use  Previously I used, but for reasons of flexibility in assortment ( allows you to have a different front image on every single card in your pack!) and issues I encountered with proofing and final product with, I’ve wandered into the land of!  I’ll have to let you know how the cards are once I receive my order!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.40.43 PM

I also opted to get custom stamps from Zazzle – they look great on illustration postcards and offer a tiny bit more real estate on which to share our work.  I’ve used Zazzle’s stamps before and love them.  The print quality is great, and it’s really fun (although somewhat expensive) to use custom stamps.

So, that’s it for now!  I’m awaiting arrival of my 20 postcards from and my 20 stamps from Zazzle!  I’ll show you what I got when they arrive!

Happy illustrating!


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