The Artist’s Life


I’m sharing one of my fairly recent, more modern illustrations from a story I wrote (The Alphabet Eater).  I adore all sorts of work – and do all sorts of work – and although my portfolio contains a substantial amount of more ‘traditional’ illustration work, I want to remember (and to share my thoughts as a reminder to others) that allowing yourself to use a variety of lines of inquiry (whether through subject matter or medium or style) is critical to the maintenance of a robust creative practice.

I was led to this thought today by a morsel of goodness that arrived in my email.  A tiny (nearly invisible) link in an email from a local arts organization led to a nugget…  Here’s a snippet from “Making Your Life As An Artist” by Andrew Simonet…


Artists have a lot of effects on the world:

our work impacts education, citizenship,

multiculturalism, urban renewal. But those

are effects  of our role; they are not the role.

Our role is to ask rigorous and reckless

cultural questions, do our research, and share

the results. When we do our role well, all kinds

of other things happen. We invigorate cities.

We spark important, difficult conversations.

We educate. We inspire other fields. But if you

evaluate (and fund) the arts based on those

effects, you quickly distort the sector.


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