Creative space…

Room. To. Breathe.


This is where I work. This space was a smelly, nasty old fake wood paneled room. With asbestos tile! Yummy!!

Last year in the middle of a snowstorm we decided to demolish the room and redo it. We did wear appropriate suits for removing the asbestos tile, and we did send samples of the tile to a lab. That was all major fun!

The first time I got to sit in my studio and work I was overwhelmed. I am incredibly grateful to have a space. It is wonderful. It is comforting, and inspiring. And I can shut the door at the bottom of the stairs and instantly be miles from anything else.

[Dear Creatives: Do whatever it takes to find a space to call your own. Guard it, care for it, go to it religiously, and become in that space. Even if it is a desk, a chair, a path you take, it is a space. Virginia Woolf had sound advice on such things…]

Here’s the other end of the studio (and the thread and dressmaker’s dummy I use sometimes when I work with fiber art. On the wall are some of my oil paintings on canvas sheets. I tack them up to dry.



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