I just received my new bottle of Rohrers Sepia ink. I was really excited to get a feel for its qualities. Here’s the ink itself:


I have been using a bottle of Winsor & Newton Nut Brown to ink images recently. I think I have had this bottle for…um…a really long time. Maybe nine years or more?? Here is that little vial of loveliness:


So, I decided to do a bit of comparison. No judgement here. I think each will serve its own purpose, but I thought I would just share what they look like side by side. The leaves are drawn on Arches watercolor paper, on one of my scratch sheets. The right hand leaf is the Nut Brown. The left leaf is the Sepia. Very different opacity and obviously different tonal qualities.


Very cool to see them together. Yay! Ok… Back to work now! 🙂


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