A Sea Of Sketches…


Yesterday I started sketching an illustration – again a practice piece – with the intention of exploring a more classic aesthetic than I sometimes employ.  Here are the process shots – up through a color sketch.  All are really rough, but you get the idea here.  Also, you can see I pieced together sections of a sketch – I do that pretty often.  I’ll put together a sketch that works one way, and then decide to make adjustments, so I sometimes photograph my sketches, print them out, cut them up, tape them together, add on some tracing paper with cruddy scotch tape, and keep on like that.  I end up with sort of a monstrous thing of a sketch when it’s all over, but I get to actually feel my way through the whole thing

After I get something kind of close to the sketch I was aiming for, I decided to play with color.  This isn’t exactly what I would go for – and, in fact, it’s possible that I might end up digitally coloring this instead.  But, for now, this is the idea.


Ok – moving along!


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