All That Lies Beneath

When we tore down our old barn a couple of years ago, in preparation for the new building we’ve yet to erect, we found an incomplete skeleton – perhaps of a rat?  I was fascinated – I had always assumed there were a million black snakes living beneath the building as we have had no shortage of those around the knoll on which we live.  But – no snakes.  Just this skull and couple of bones.  I took photos of it, and loved the way the textures of the dirt and leaves and detritus fell into a swirl – lifting and falling in a dance of stillness that isn’t ever really still.

When my new support samples came from, I had to try them.  So, since I have been really looking forward to working through this skull and bones image, I decided to pull from the set of samples that came.  I used the #15 Belgian linen, double primed, museum quality panel for this.  I truly wasn’t sure how the tooth of the linen would work – and whether or not I would like it.  But…I love it.

So, in oil, in double primed Belgian linen panel, here is “Skull and Bones From Beneath The Barn” 6″ x 8″.



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