The Studies: Cherries in a Pottery Colander

So, this year I am engaged in what I am calling ‘The Studies’.  They’re paintings that are intended as examinations of various facets of image creation.  This is one of my recent works – from last week.  I’m just going to go ahead and put up the works that are the foundations of this year’s painting journey.

This painting, done in oil on canvas sheet, is from a snapshot I took last summer or the one before – of cherries in a handmade pottery colander I got at an arts festival in Kentucky some years ago.  The colander is sitting on a table on our back deck – and the table is tiled with slate.  This painting is about 9″x12″ as will be most of this year’s works.  Or – well – something on that order.  The focus in this work is on the contrast in textures between the very matte piece of pottery and the shiny cherries.

Here is the sketch I worked up and an image of the final work.


Cherries in Pottery Colander


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