Painting The Journey

Here begins a journey!  I’m an artist – and I’ve done LOTS of different things.  They’ve all been enjoyable, but none have felt as genuine and connective as my recently begun process of painting the places, things, and people in my life.  This isn’t to say I didn’t do such things before – on occasion – but my bent was really toward mindscape sorts of stuff.  Abstractions and the like…and while I loved doing those, I’m ready to dig into the sometimes still, and sometimes raging, beauty in the simply ‘encountered’ stuff of life.

The two paintings in this post were done years ago – at a point when I briefly delved into ‘realism’. I really abhor that word – because all art explores the real and imagined all at once (or, well, I could certainly argue somewhat intelligently for such a point).  So, here is the beginning of our journey:

My ex-husband’s coat and shoes.  He didn’t actually have that hat – I added it.  Oddly enough, however, my mother recently gave me my grandfather’s hat – and it looks just like that one.  And it fits me!  Yay!  No, I don’t wear my ex-husband’s coat and shoes.

Coat, Shoes, Hat

This painting was done from an image I found online – of people rushing through what appears to be a subway station or train station.  It’s far from an direct depiction, and I was just working through the idea of people going, doing, moving, seemingly with purpose.  It does remind me of all of the time I spent on the metro when I worked in the Washington, D.C. area.

People Going and Doing


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